The Copy Machine: Copyright & the Internet

This video is a remix of 21 different videos including The Shawshank Redemption, The Simpsons, South Park, Snatch, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Dumb and Dumber and various other Videos and Television programs.

I have chosen to remix the original content to create a message that says, “The Internet is a copy machine at its most fundamental level. It copies every action and every message. The flow of content online is at odds with copyright” Using copyrighted content, this video intends to explain how copyright law can conflict with the reproductive nature of the Internet. This is achieved by using video that is exhibited under the fair use clause of the copyright act due to its educational purpose. The clips have been transformed to bring about new meaning, without diminishing the value of the original work.

NOTE: The clips used in this video are not my original work and are intended for educational purposes only.

Sources: Dumb and Dumber:, Snatch:, The office , The Simpsons, The social network,The Shawshank Redemption, South Park, The big bang theory:, A remix manifesto, How to pronounce AT, How to pronounce OF, Fight club, Killzone 3, Modern family, Making copies, Is science at odds with religion, Malcom in the middle, The Simpsons, Quoting content


5 thoughts on “The Copy Machine: Copyright & the Internet

  1. Hey Eddie!
    Well done on your post! It was really enjoyable to read. I have never seen that youtube clip before and I found it interesting how the clips come together to produce a message that fundamentally goes against the copyright laws while infringing them.
    I would however, suggest that there be more depth to the post. Personally, I felt as though I was left short of information, finding myself researching the clip to find out more. What are your personal views on the Copyright Laws? Do you believe the Copyright Laws, are in some ways, limiting creativity?
    – Chloe 🙂


      1. Oh wow!!! that makes it so much more impressive!!
        Maybe you should have made a point of stating that in your post? It would have made a world of difference! 🙂


  2. Hey Eddie,

    Really enjoyed your post and I thought that the video was very clever and well put together. Although my knowledge on the subject is limited, I know we encounter copyright on a daily basis in our lives through peer2peer sharing and torrent downloads. It leaves me to wonder what an impact it has on the hard working people behind the productions? If you have any further knowledge on how deep the effects of copyright infringement go I would be interested to hear your views.



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