Bernadette Clarke.


“Where have I been?

“Since I was a few months old Mum and Dad have taken me overseas. Obviously I can’t remember the times from when I was a few months old, but since I was born I’ve been to every continent. Almost.

“I’ve been to Asia lots because my Mum is from the Philippines, so I’ve been to the Philippines. My brother married an Indonesian woman, She’s from Sumatra so I went there for the wedding; I’ve been to Bali twice too.

“I want to travel and tell third world peoples stories.

“My dream is to go to less fortunate countries and help the people there. A part of that is being a journalist and telling their stories, travel and do a bit of video journalism on how differently people live compared to westerners.

“Ever since I went to the Philippines when I was a little girl my eyes have always kind of been open to how lucky westerners are.”

-Bernadette Clarke