The Open Source of Androids Popularity.

In May 2012 Google’s Android overtook the Apple IOS as the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Since that time Androids market share has grown exponentially to the point where in January 2015 it is estimated that Android has an 81% share of the global smartphone OS market.

One of the major factors behind Android’s growth and popularity is Android and Google’s open source ideology. D. A. Bradley (2005) of Brock University explains open source and describes how “The (open source) ideology also allows the user to freely use, modify, and re-distribute the code as they see fit.” Android believes “The result is a full, production-quality consumer product with source code open for customization and porting.”

An weblog post (2013) also explains the open source ideology as one of the significant reasons for Androids popularity growth in recent years.

That same post (2013) goes on to give examples of the potential for utilizing the open source nature of Android and how large companies such as Nvidia have begun to apply Android in a unique way, incorporating the OS into new products and systems such as the Nvidia shield.

The open source ideology has proved to be extremely popular with both consumers and developers and helps to explain why Android is at the top of the smartphone OS market worldwide.


Bradley D. A.2005, The Divergent Anarcho- utopian Discourses of the Open Source Software Movement, Canadian Journal of Communication, viewed 26th March 2015


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  1. I think the rise of the Android OS is due to the price point of the devices that are using this system. Apple its main competitor in the this space and does not offer a low cost device with its ios operating system on it. With the population of the developing world a huge market segment for cheap mobile communication device there is no question Android would have a bigger portion of this pie.


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