University life 2


The Uni bar is both the most social and the loneliest place in a university. It’s where you go to meet old friends and make new ones. It’s a place where you can forget about long days and the even longer nights, a place where you can sit and ponder all aspects of a broke, tired and often stressful university experience. The Uni bar is a place you can go to forget about all your problems, or create a whole set of new ones.


2 thoughts on “University life 2

  1. Nice photo. I like how the fence represents the inner-trappings of our mentality, caging us in. I feel like the black and white is a good representation of the depressing scene, but also juxtaposes the idea of simplicity in monochromaticism and the complexity of the human thought.


  2. The last sentence of this is great! However I feel the rest of your body should hold a little bit more substance about the unibar that isn’t so obvious.
    The photo is cool, however I feel like you could have used a more interesting angle.


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