After Laughter Comes Remix.

Remix culture can be defined as a “global activity consisting of the creative and efficient exchange of information made possible by digital technologies that is supported by the practice of cut/copy and paste”. This Presentation explores remixing by presenting various reinterpretations of a classic 1960’s RnB song By Singer Wendy Rene. 

Each of the remixes, by Wu Tang clan, Lykee Li and Gramatik are examples of how audiences can access, engage with and remix original content. The different styles of reinterpretation presented are also examples of how remix culture can alter and utilize original content to create new meaning.

See Prezi here:


4 thoughts on “After Laughter Comes Remix.

  1. I really enjoyed this explanation of ‘Remix’, its one of the ones that has really stuck with me and helped me gain a deeper understanding. The prezi worked really well and your post is well thought out, clear and concise.


  2. Prezi is a great format for this topic, as you can easily compare and contrast different examples of similar material with a smooth presentation akin to your other great posts. Good use of referencing and relevant examples, nice work finding all of them and being able to track down their origins and other important info!


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