Come with us now on a journey through transmedia storytelling.

Transmedia storytelling is the theory of telling multiple stories via multiple channels, which come together to form a unified and coordinated narrative (Jenkins 2011). This post explains the concept of transmedia storytelling through the application of transmedia storytelling.

It may seem confusing at first, but the further you travel down the rabbit hole, the clearer it becomes.


 “The link below” 


Jenkins, H 2011, ‘Transmedia storytelling 101’, weblog, confessions of an ACA-fan, viewed on 21 April 2015, <;.



8 thoughts on “Come with us now on a journey through transmedia storytelling.

  1. Haha. Great example of a transmedia narrative, and now you incorporated 2 assessment requirements as well which is a bonus. Do you mind if I build on this idea for my next blog post?

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    1. Hi Huon,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you found it useful.

      I’m happy for you to build on, or even incorporate my work into your blog post but please ensure you acknowledge my work correctly.


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  2. Hahaha, honestly had no idea that while reading another post on transmedia I’d be taken on a trip to Soundcloud and Youtube. REALLY interesting way to spice up your blog post, so hats off to you for that. I was attracted to this post because your title “Come with us now on a journey through transmedia storytelling” because it is the intro to The Mighty Boosh TV show (unsure if this was intentional but it’s why I ended up here). You post is engaging, interesting and outside of what everyone else is doing, as well as informative on the lecture topic so seriously, well done!!


  3. That’s some pretty meta storytelling you’ve got going on here! Loving the passion in your voice in that SoundCloud haha. Very well executed, would have loved to have been led further on the trail though, like if you split up the podcast into like 5 different locations around the web we had to dart too. Massive expectation aside, great work!


  4. Such a great and creative idea of using multiple platforms to explain Transmedia storytelling. Very well executed, love the voice and facial expressions in the youtube video.


  5. This was a fantastic way to illustrate transmedia storytelling. I fell down the rabbit hole, or took the blue pill as it were. They say the best writer ‘show, not tell’ you what is happening in a story. You learn best by doing, not simply telling and that is exactly what you have done here. Very creative and impressive. Bravo.


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