Witness the Fitness

From bashing down brick walls to sculpting a six-pack. The Leisure Post caught up with journalist Elly Manoe from the University of Wollongong to find out what makes this dedicated Female body sculptor tick.

For most people, the middle of the night is reserved for sleeping, or sitting behind a computer screen watching endless episodes of Game of Thrones. This is not the case for 19-year-old Elly Manoe from the University of Wollongong.

“I used to go to anytime fitness and that’s a 24-hour gym. I would finish work at 3 in the morning and get a workout in after that- and that was normal for me.” Elly knows all about the power that comes with working out regularly. “When I am in the gym lifting weights I feel powered and invincible. I’m determined and when I hit a new PB (personal best) I’m really happy because I’ve made progress and I happy within myself. I love it; I’m like the hulk. I will punch a wall down.”

Her obsession with weight lifting stems from a childhood in which Elly participated in almost every sport under the sun.

“I was a very sporty child. Since I could walk my mum put me into dance. I also did a lot of horse riding. During school I was pretty active in sport as well, I did soccer, baseball, basketball softball, netball and touch.

As she got older she even tried her hand at pole dancing for fitness but somewhere amongst joining her local gym and a difficult break-up Elly realized that her true passion was weight lifting.

“I started going to the gym in 2012. I didn’t really know what I was doing for a little bit but I just wanted to get fit. It became religious because I dated a guy who was going to the gym and it was my way of bonding with him.

“It wasn’t until we broke up that I started going to the gym every single day. I got angry and thought stuff him I want to get a six-pack so I started doing core every day until I got a 6 pack and it took off from there”

Since completing impressive goal of carving out a six-pack Elly has set her sights higher and recently her dedication has been rewarded with a sponsorship with Body building company Aussie-Supps. After initially being apprehensive about receiving sponsorship Elly has since accepted the offer and is using the support to propel her into the IFBB body-sculpting season, which begins in July.

With her unwavering dedication and commitment, Elly is bound to succeed at whatever she sets her mind to; but even amongst a compulsive twice a day training regime and preparing for the upcoming body-sculpting season she still finds time to sit and reflect on her proudest moment in the gym.

“I remember the day that I got my body fat percentage results back and I had been on a low carb calorie defecate diet for I don’t even know how long. It was really stressful; I was doing two gym workouts every single day.” This memorable moment filled Elly with a sense of joy that she says even surpassed the pleasure of receiving her HSC results.

A life in the gym is not for everyone but for this body-sculptor the decision is simple because as she says “you lift something heavy and it feels like you can break down a wall.”