Week 1 Module: www.Charliepickering.multimedia.com/#AdamGoodes#boogate

Adam Goodes playing for the Sydney Swans in 2013

View the story by clicking the link below:



3 thoughts on “Week 1 Module: www.Charliepickering.multimedia.com/#AdamGoodes#boogate

  1. I really enjoyed how you didn’t just talk about media convergence as a general topic, but rather linked it to a specific event. The fact that this was a recent event made it much easier to understand and contributed to a greater understanding of the idea of media convergence.


  2. I loved this- your blog is truly MULTI-AWARD WINNING for a reason! I agree with isabellacuff, i like that you stuck with the same journalist to show how it has converged. Adding a few different sources may add the way in which the particular story has sparked other people to look at the issue? 🙂 🙂


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