The Labourious Task of Getting Myself to School

In this video I explain the labour involved in getting myself to university in order to start learning. I then make a proposition that it could be easier if I just access the same information provided at University from my home computer. There are many factors that come in to play when thinking about this concept however it is indisputable that working from home would save me the considerable time that it takes to get myself from home to University and back.

Accessing education materials from home is made possible by accessing the information on the Universities network via the Internet. It is not always possible to achieve this in all industries or University courses but is entirely possible in information based industries such as digital media where there is no need for tangible resources.

The time saving properties of the information economy and the potential for increased efficiency that is enabled by implementing these networks. There is however potentially negative consequences of this this integrated information society.

Academic Gregg argues that flexible working environments (such as being able to work from home) are enabled by increases in technology can lead to what he calls a “pressure bleed”. The pressure bleed describes how blurring the lines between the work space and personal environment creates a situation were workers are “always on”. In the work place this has helped create a situation where employers are expecting more and more from their workers. This Idea can also be applied to the education system where a student such as myself may find it difficult to ‘switch off’ after a day of university because in the back of my mind I always know it is possible to access information and get more work done at home.