Week 5 Module: Review- Creatures of the Night

‘Creatures of the night’ by Jack Osborne is a beautifully composed piece of audio. This one-minute clip describes the feeling of working the night shift at McDonalds. Osborne uses a combination of the ambient sounds of meat cooking on a grill to indicate where the subject is working. This is coupled with the sounds of a harmonica which creates a sense of loneliness for the listener. The way Osborne choses to limit the ambient noises to just the sound the grill helps give the viewer an understanding that there is nothing else happening at 3am other than the task at hand. There is no sound of co workers, customers or a busy restaurant. There is only the sound of the grill which creates an empty feeling within the listener.

The harmonica is also instrumental in provoking the feeling of loneliness. It is a single harmonica which makes the listener feel as if he or she has just walked into a deserted town during the ‘wild, wild west days’ in America.

The interview is clear, concise and the way that Osborne leaves the listener wondering where the interviewee is working until the very end of the story adds an element of suspense to the work.