Edward Snowden, Not So Anonymous

This podcast briefly describes the work of cyber activist Edward Snowden.

Snowden was responsible for leaking many private documents from the National Security Agency in America. Many people see Snowden’s actions as heroic, although the American government is currently seeking to extradite him back to The United States to face espionage charges.


5 thoughts on “Edward Snowden, Not So Anonymous

  1. Hey, good post this week and nice work with the soundcloud recording, is that Microsoft Sam I hear? It’s a nice, brief summary of his actions and some reactions to them. Personally I think that was he did was incredibly brave and could maybe even go so far as to call it heroic.

    The Guardian actually wrote a really good piece on the NSA files that you might be interested in.


  2. Hey nice podcast. I first wondered if that was your own voice with some effect on it, but I can see now it was an in-built voice. Really good work on experimenting with that.

    Of course people would see Snowden as heroic because he risked his life to expose the truths to the people. And of course the US government would want to extradite him because he made them look bad and poses a threat to them.
    I think you could have reflected more on the weekly readings and/or lecture by incorporating them into your posts rather than just having a descriptive post on Snowden, however it’s great you looked into further research. This video is really awesome, it’s a recording of Snowden explaining why he did what what he did https://vimeo.com/102962532


  3. Really cool post this week – the voice effect definitely tapped into the notion of these ‘Hacktivists’ as being faceless entities, so that definitely set the scene for this week’s topic. As much as I agreed with your views on Snowden, and applaud his actions in risking his life to inform citizens of what was really happening, I think some contextual background on the origins/what ‘hacktivism’ in could have added an extra layer to your blog post this week and provided the basis for Snowden’s efforts. I found a really great article exploring ‘hacktivism’, it’s origins and some ‘hacktivist’ organisations that you might find interesting: http://journal.georgetown.edu/the-rise-of-hacktivism/


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