Will The Real Stuxnet Creator Please Stand Up

In Mid 2010, A team of Belarusian computer security researchers was hired to troubleshoot a series of issues that were causing computers in Iran to crash and reboot. The researchers discovered a series of malicious files consequently uncovered the worlds first “digital weapon“, Stuxnet.

The aim of Stuxnet was to infiltrate Iranian computer systems and run sophisticated attacks on Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities in an attempt to slow the progress of the counties nuclear plans.

To this day nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks, however it has been widely reported that Stuxnet was a orchestrated by the combined US and Israeli governments.

The idea that governments are engaging in such hostile and high-level cyber attacks can be seen as concerning. Americas failure to accept responsibility for said attacks may also lead to increased tension between an already fractured Iranian-American relationship.


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  1. Really interesting case study you have chosen to use. My only criticism would be that I am left wanting to know more about the case study. The context, what happened afterwards, were there repercussions for any of the known parties involved, what are cyber attacks? Perhaps you could have linked to the following site for readers such as myself, who are interested in what you have had to say and wish to find out more http://www.csoonline.com/article/2134162/malware-cybercrime/stuxnet-creators-defined-21st-century-warfare.html

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