The Internet of Everything

Dr Ted Mitew from The University of Wollongong describes The internet of things (IOT) as being “the connection of usually trivial material objects to the internet”.  This new paradigm is already in existence and will continue to grow as increased machine-to-machine communication becomes more widespread within the global communication network of The Internet.

IOT technology is built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors and employs a mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connection.  Wired magazine predicts that IOT will eventually make all objects “smart” through of the interaction of sensors and machines. Sensors hold the ability to communicate between machines information via the wireless internet which essentially allows machines to communicate with each other.

In the video below you can see how Amazon is employing smart machines that are equipped with sensors and are able to communicate with each other in amazon warehouses.

Whilst the technology is in many was still in its infancy, IOT is continually expanding and in the future will allow almost all objects or assets can communicate with each other, thus creating a entirely networked society and world