Mapping My Journey to Find E-waste in China

Over the past twelve weeks, I have been investigating the realities surrounding e-waste processing in China. I wrote a project statement several weeks ago which outlined my goals for the project and proposed my method for presenting any findings. In the previous post, I suggested that I would be creating a YouTube video. Since then I have been playing around with Google Maps API, a lot. Two weeks ago I began curating all of my findings for this project and I made the spontaneous decision to try and present my work as an interactive Google Map, rather than with the YouTube format that I had originally planned.

As this was my first real experience with JavaScript, or working with an API, I found the process extremely challenging, yet overwhelmingly enjoyable. This project ended up being a hybrid between a digital artifact and a coding exercise, yet I am somewhat pleased with the result. The map was created using a site called I learned rather slowly that WordPress does not allow embedding from JSbin, so I was unable to embed the map on directly here on the site. Instead, please click the link below and check out my major digital artifact project for 2016.

The story begins at the icon labeled ‘A’ which is located in Wollongong.

Click Here.