Making Things Easy: Virtual Reality -Episode 1


Welcome to episode one of ‘Making Things Easy’. This project follows my journey as I dive head first into the world of virtual reality animation.

Episode one essentially gives an introduction to the project. I intend to document my whole experience and create a series of short videos that depict my research and learning processes. I hope that this series can serve as an introduction to VR for people who have no experience with the technology and are curious to learn more about how to develop basic virtual reality animation.

So far I have only just begun tinkering with VR so this video essentially is a depiction of my thoughts and experiences as I download the required software (Unity) and begin to set-up the program to create an animation.


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 5.20.17 PM.png
My first creation using Unity software, titled “The Cube”. 


Over the next six weeks, I will upload more videos to this blog and produce short posts that explain my thinking, as well as ideas that I formulate surrounding the relationship between virtual reality and cybercultures. It seems so far that virtual reality technology is entirely different to any other design projects I have attempted. Trying to create a virtual reality requires a new mode of thinking for me, as I am trying to design an immersive experience, rather than a simple  2D or 3D CAD image. I suspect that virtual reality is creating a paradigm shift within cyberculture. This idea I look forward to exploring further as this project progresses.

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I Am Curious About the Internet

The internet has entered the second decade of century 21s as the dominant platform through which we access, engage with and publish information. It has shaped our lives in unimaginable ways by operating as the framework for a global nervous system through which we are all connected.


I am curious to explore this distributed and open systems technology that has shaped life in the new millennium. As a university student I am particularly interested in researching the internet as a media platform and I plan to devote my studies in 2016 to understanding the vast affordances of this powerful medium. Life on earth is transforming  and I am curious to research the networked and decentralised society the internet has helped to afford us; A world that is finally learning to shake our dependency on a centralised, manufacturing based paradigm.