Can I Access The Internet In Bali?

Recently as I was planning on travelling Bali, Indonesia, with my close friends. As I was planning the trip I considered whether or not it would be wise to bring my laptop. When considering this decision it occurred to me that I had no idea whether I could even access the internet in Bali. I had never travelled to Bali before and my knowledge about internet access in Indonesia was very limited.

I decided to create a cartoon to discuss my autoethnographic (lack of) understanding about Balinese internet connectivity, before travelling to Bali, and then once I arrived, I could create a photo essay to capture the internet capabilities on the island. The result is this video – shown below – that depicts my initial thoughts and assumptions on the topic, in cartoon form. The cartoon is accompanied by a photo essay which highlights my initial encounter with Balinese internet accessibility.


Keiden Cheung.


“My field if anything in journalism is music, but I am probably overthinking this way too much.

“I would love the opportunity to do it (report in The Middle East) for maybe a month or two. I want to experience that sense of adventure that comes from reporting in such a dangerous location. I would also like to broaden the opinions of people with the work that I produce.

“I do fear for my safety, but that comes with the job. When I picture the Middle East I picture places that are being affected by Muslim extremists. You can’t generalize like that, so that’s another reason why id like to go, to teach myself as well as others.”

-Keiden Cheung

Rob Brady.


“I was told that if I wanted to work at channel 7, which I don’t, they only hire people with university qualifications.

“I always wanted to do print journalism but print is turning into web now so I guess web and VOX Pops and that because I really want to work for vice media. But you never know.

“I would love to (travel write), that’d be a dream job.

“I’ve been to Europe, America, Thailand, Bali and I’ve pretty much been all around Australia; eight countries all up.

“America it’s so different, it’s like Sydney on steroids. You come out of LAX and there is advertising everywhere. You think the advertisings big in Sydney? It’s no where near as big.“

-Rob Brady

Bernadette Clarke.


“Where have I been?

“Since I was a few months old Mum and Dad have taken me overseas. Obviously I can’t remember the times from when I was a few months old, but since I was born I’ve been to every continent. Almost.

“I’ve been to Asia lots because my Mum is from the Philippines, so I’ve been to the Philippines. My brother married an Indonesian woman, She’s from Sumatra so I went there for the wedding; I’ve been to Bali twice too.

“I want to travel and tell third world peoples stories.

“My dream is to go to less fortunate countries and help the people there. A part of that is being a journalist and telling their stories, travel and do a bit of video journalism on how differently people live compared to westerners.

“Ever since I went to the Philippines when I was a little girl my eyes have always kind of been open to how lucky westerners are.”

-Bernadette Clarke